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The DMLSS-FM tool is used to track and maintain our facilities supporting the MHS’s mission execution of delivery of health, dental, veterinary and related research.

The DMLSS Program, co-sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) and the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Logistics), is a partnership involving the wholesale medical logistics, medical information management, medical information technology, and user communities. DMLSS’ mission is to improve responsiveness of medical logistics support. The DMLSS Program accomplishes this by implementing business process innovations that increase the effectiveness of medical logistics support and reduce cost.

JMLFDC is the component responsible for development, maintenance and support of the DMLSS-FM platform.

Key Elements Overview

DMLSS-FM has two primary components to support the facilities operations and maintenance execution:

  • Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
  • Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) system


The CMMS component provides the means to manage the data relating to the real property installed equipment (RPIE) for the facility and its associated preventative maintenance  work orders, project management, etc..


The CAFM component provides a means to manage the space utilization for the facility in a graphical manner and link to relevant CMMS data.  The CAFM also provides a means for the DoD-MHS to comply with the DoD OSD/IE Real Property Inventory Requirements (RPIR).

Please follow the steps below to get the DMLSS FM Training Videos.

1. Click the link below.
2. Log in with your CAC card.
3. Click the DMLSS tab.
4. Click the FM tab.


Description Link
MHS Facilities DMLSS-FM Total Asset Visibility Report (Source of Truth) .zip
DMLSS-FM User Feedback 2013 PDF
DMLSS-FM Service Ideas List — Currently tracked ideas .xls

DMLSS-FM Required for the MHS (Army) PDF
DMLSS-FM Required for the MHS (Navy) PDF
DMLSS-FM Required for the MHS (Air Force) <<link here>>

 DMLSS-FM Training Manual (GEN IV) PDF

The priorities of the DMLSS development are driven by the Defense Medical Logistics Executive Committee (DMLEC).  The goals and structure can be found in the DMLEC Charter.

The MHS Facilities community developed a CMMS/CAFM roadmap, acknowledging the extensive problems with the current DMLSS-FM platform and need to a viable FM tool-set.  Details can be found on the “DMLSS-FM Roadmap” page

Joint Medical Asset Repository (JMAR) is the single authoritative source for acquiring, managing, and providing timely and accurate joint medical asset visibility information. It captures, integrates, and stores data in a central repository with Web-based access. JMAR does not create new data; it captures and consolidates existing data from disparate legacy and replacement medical logistics sources. The JMAR Web user interface offers assistance with informative pop-up logistics definitions, real-time notices, and “drill-down” reports. (JMAR CAC Login)


If you have comments on DMLSS-FM improvements please provide them to the MHS Facilities Team.  We appreciate your feedback.

Usage Feedback

Occasionally the we ask questions to help guide development of the DMLSS-FM tool and its features.  If we have an active open question / comment period you can provide your comments here.

Please take 15 minutes to provide us with your feedback on usage of DMLSS-FM.