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Facility Life Cycle Management (FLCM)

DoD provides facilities that support and sustain an effective combat force in fulfilling the DoD medical mission in both wartime and peacetime that support the delivery of world-class care to military families and other DoD beneficiaries. They plan, program, acquire, maintain and manage innovative, efficient, appropriately sized and equipped, safe healthcare facilities, representing current industry standards and best thinking in all aspects of facilities planning, design, construction, and operations, with consideration for total cost of ownership and global sustainability. Their policies and processes are based on the four major phases of the life cycle of a facility which are discussed in the tabs to the right.

  • Corporate Strategic Facilities Management
  • Requirements Planning
  • Design / Construction Execution
  • Facility Activation and Operations

Phase 1 of the Facility Life Cycle

The Corporate Strategic Facilities Management is the initial phase during which the MHS will conduct the following tasks to achieve its goal to transform their healthcare facilities to World-Class level:

  • Establish Program Policy
  • Administer Capital Budget & Provide Financial Oversight
  • Perform Overall Facility Program Management & Oversight
  • Authorize, Conduct, and Administer Research & Innovation Efforts related to MHS Facilities
  • Perform Integrated Inter-Agency Market Based Planning

Phase 2 of the Facility Life Cycle

Requirements Planning is the phase when the following actions take place:

  • Local Planning, Requirements Development & Gap Analysis
  • Analysis & Evaluation of Potential Solutions / Options
  • Business Planning, Local Market Solution Planning & Facility Requirements Planning

Phase 3 of the Facility Life Cycle

The World-Class Design / Construction Execution phase consists of the following processes:

  • Services Representatives Coordination
  • Project Delivery and Contract Management

Phase 4 of the Facility Life Cycle

Facility Activation and Operations is the phase after the completion of the facility construction;
the processes during this phase will include:

  • Facility Transition and Activation
  • Facility Operations, Repairs, Maintenance, Sustainment, Restoration & Modernization
  • Facility Specific Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Budget & Project Management
  • Facility De-Commissioning & Disposal