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Knowledge Center Overview

The Knowledge Center

Welcome to the Knowledge Center—a place to learn and share in the collective understanding of World-Class medical facility planning, design, operations and care delivery.

The Knowledge Center page is organized into three main areas to ensure ease of information access. These three areas are:

  • Resource Table

  • Search Fields

  • Filters

Page Sections

1.  Resource Table

This is the place where you find all the relevant information regarding Resources. Whether you are viewing the publicly accessible Knowledge Center, or a Project page, you will find that the resource table is the main event. Here, you can find the resource Document ID, Title, Upload Date, and Role, as well as extra information in the form of status icons before and after the Title.

2.  Search Fields

The fields above the Resource Table are for finding a desired resource. They are identified by the field name they affect. In the Knowledge Center, there are three search fields available:

  • Contents

    Find a word or phrase anywhere in the contents of the resource.


    Find a word or phrase in the Name or Title of the resource.


    All document identification numbers are numeric and unique, so this field can be used to identify a specific resource based on its unique ID.

    Project Resources have even more! But they all work the same way. If you would like more information, check out the "How to Search" tab on "How to Use this Site".

Project Resources have even more fields to help you find what you need! But they all work the same way. If you would like more information, check out the "How to Search" tab on "How to Use this Site".

3.  Filters

Filters serve to restrict the number of resources you see at any given time. By setting a filter, you can narrow a search result set from hundreds to just a manageable few.

If you realize wt any point that you have made the filters too restrictive, excluding a desired resource, you can click on the button labeled "Clear Filters" to reset everything to empty values.

Add link to live repository.

Access resources such as articles, fact sheets, presentations and external sites that help inform topics such as evidence-based design, health facilities management, patient-centered care, and sustainability. There are currently several hundred resource documents. Resource documents can be in various forms such as:

  • Expert white papers
  • Guidance documents
  • New reports
  • Planning Tools
  • Policy updates
  • Rules and regulations
  • Research Updates
  • Executive Content
  • DoD and VA Facilities Map

Resources and documents in this section of the website can be searched my keyword, document name or ID. Documents can be filtered using several criteria – research topic area, document type, document source, and publisher type. 

Help us improve medical facility design and care delivery for our nation by sharing your experiences, submitting additional resources you have found helpful and letting us know how we can make this site more helpful to all. You can also view the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for a list of questions and answers or search our list of Training Modules for guides that will help you more easily navigate and use the website.