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Defense Medical Logistics Standard Support - Training Videos

(DMLSS-FM) Video Training v3.1

This page provides training videos for the DMLSS-FM 3.1. It is organized in three primary groups: General, CMMS, and CAFM related videos. The Facility Management training videos provided here were developed by the JMLFDC FM team as part of the migration process from DMLSS 3.0 to DMLSS 3.1. They were developed for an audience with a working understanding of the existing FM functionality in the DMLSS 3.0 application, so the focus of the videos is to highlight new functionality and changes to existing functionality in the DMLSS 3.1 FM module. The training is intended for someone who has received initial training on the FM module from their respective military service, and has experience that comes from the regular use of the DMLSS FM module. The training videos may also be of benefit to other members of the FM community, who are familiar with the principles of FM, and seeking a general understanding of the capabilities provided by the DMLSS FM module.    


The following videos related to general features or functions relating to the DMLSS-FM platform.



Business Objects / Reports


Inbox Enhancements



The following videos relate to the Computerized Maintenance and Management System (CMMS) portion of the DMLSS-FM platform.  

Work Request (WR) - File Attachments


Work Request (WR) - Prorating


Work Request (WR) - Enhanced RPIE integration


Work Order (WR) - Make Requirement


Work Request (WR) - Include Last 4 PM's


Facility Systems Inventory (FSI) and Preventive Maintenance for RPIE



RPIE Condition Assessments


RPIE Mass Update


Preventative Maintenance (PM) - Schedule Enhancements


Project Management Enhancements



The following training videos relate to the computer aided facility management (CAFM) portion of DMLSS-FM.


Room Inventory - Features


Room Inventory - Additional Fields


Room Inventory - MEPRS Codes


Drawing Management CAD Admin Process


Drawbase Enhancements


DMLSS-FM Help Desk

The DMLSS-FM help desk can be reached at: 800.600.9332.