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Space & Equipment Planning System (SEPS)

The space and equipment planning system (SEPS) is a health system planning tool jointly developed by the DoD and VA for use in developing detailed space plans and associated equipment requirements. The SEPS develops detailed programs for design (PFD’s) based on established space planning criteria, room design requirements, and established room templates. SEPS also produces detailed room contents reports which include Logcat/Acquisition categories and funding sources of associated equipment, medical equipment and furniture needed to support the functional requirements of a space.


If you have a SEPS account click on the SEPS link (live, training or testing) to go to the SEPS program.  If not get registered first (see below).

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SEPS is a proprietary Government software planning tool with limited access and use by:

  1. Military, Department of Defense or Veterans Administration (VA) Civilian personnel who require the use of SEPS to create space and equipment planning documents for the Military Health System (MHS) or Veterans Health Affairs.
  2. DoD/VA Contract civilians and non-DoD/VA facility planning and design firms under specific contract with the DoD/MHS/VA. Contractors must have a current Task Order Number and a Scope of Work that requires access to SEPS to produce space and equipment planning documents. The name of the Task Order Government Point of Contact is also required in order to request and receive a SEPS user account.

If you meet the above requirements, please click on REGISTER NOW to request a SEPS user account.

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We will be offering three types of training over the course of the year.  The SEPS training will be scheduled as separate sessions for DoD-MHS and DVA. Both DVA and DoD-MHS employees and supporting contractors can register here.  If you have any questions about training please feel free to contact us via email.

Course Registration    Class Descriptions
 Registering for SEPS 3  

SEP 2 to SEP 3 Introduction

This is a short 2 hour course that was recorded during our transition from SEPS 2 to SEPS 3.  The course is available on-demand only via the video links to the left.  Once you watch the video set, please register your completion at the following link:  SEPS 3 Online Training Record Completion (Only After Taking Online Training)


#2 New User Training

This training is available for people interested in learning to use SEPS, or needing a refresher on how to use SEPS.  These classes will be offered throughout the year at various locations throughout the continental US (CONUS).  This course is typically 2 days long and in person attendance only.


#3 Criteria Manager Training

This is for advanced SEPS users.  The access to Criteria Manager is limited to a small subset of government and contract employees who directly work on updating criteria into SEPS.  This course is typically 4 days long and in person attendance only.


Training Evaluation

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Training Manuals

In FY2013 the DoD and DVA collaboratively developed common strategic plan for the next five years of SEPS with a primary focus on facility life cycle management (FLCM). This approaches the value of SEPS as part of a broader ecosystem that not only includes the planning and programming stage that SEPS supports, but looks at how the product and data feeds or integrates with the related stages of the lifecycle such as design and construction and even operations.

Read the SEPS Strategic Plan - Final (2013).

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