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Military Standard (MILSTD) 1691 | Equipment

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MIL-STD-1691 Medical Equipment Database:

The Joint Schedule Numbers (JSN) or the National Stock Numbers, within the MIL-STD-1691, shall NOT be used as substitutes for contract specifications and detail drawings. Citing JSN numbers and nomenclatures will NOT relieve the architect or design agency of the responsibility to verify and provide all necessary detail drawings and specifications showing actual dimensions, utility connections, accessories, quantity, quality, and performance required.

The data contained in the MIL-STD-1691 is a valuable tool allowing the MHS to more clearly express basic conceptual intent in the planning and programming of a project. This allows the planning and programming team to develop parametric cost estimates for associated medical equipment and furniture requirements; and allows the design team to address general design requirements early in the conceptual phases of design. The medical equipment program to this level of detail supports specificity for more focused and informed architectural concept design. In addition it supports earlier engineering design analysis of alternatives having fewer variances of unknowns relating to furniture, fixtures and equipment.

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