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BIM Training Videos

This page includes training videos explaining various subjects relating to BIM in the MHS.  These videos range from short executive overview (less than 10 minutes) to more detailed “How-To” or instructional videos.  The intent of these training tools is to communicate higher level perspectives (executive overview videos), and mastering concepts (how-to videos) related to the execution of the MHS’s Minimum BIM Requirements (MBR).

While these concepts may use specific tools, they are to demonstrate concepts or function as proof of concepts.  The use of a specific tool to demonstrate a concept or requirement in MHS MBR does not indicate a requirement for that specific BIM tool (software platform) to be used.   There are many tools on the market that can be used to meet the MHS MBR’s, and the only restrictions on software platforms utilized are as defined in the MBR.  Additionally, the demonstration of concepts does not mandate a prescriptive process.  Firms may have more effective ways to achieve the MBR performance elements described, and are encouraged to use them to optimize the project results.  However, alternative processes must still meet the MBR.  If in doubt — ask your project representative or contact PPMD.

In many cases the Executive Overview is the first video on subject (Example:  BIM 102: BIM Objectives in the MHS) and the How-To video is the “Extended” version (Example:  BIM 102 Extended:  BIM Objectives in the MHS).


BIM 101:  BIM for the MHS

coming soon…  (Until we have this video complete the following is a good overview)


BIM 102: BIM Objectives in the MHS (Overview)


BIM 102 Extended: BIM Objectives in the MHS (Details)

coming soon…



BIM 120: Importing SEPS Data (Overview)



BIM 120 Extended: Importing SEPS Data (How-To)



BIM 200: BIM Execution Plan (Executive Overview)


BIM 200 Extended: BIM Execution Plan (How-To)



BIM 410 Extended: BIM to AEC CADD Standard (How-To)



BIM 610: Exporting Data to COBie-MHS (Overview)



BIM 610 Extended: Exporting Data to COBie-MHS (How-To)


COBie Training Videos (General Training on COBie Concepts)

The Building Smart Alliance bSa has provided a breadth of training videos on the concept and use of COBie.  These general videos can be found at the COBie Channel.  For specifics on how the MHS is using COBie and the specific MHS requirements please watch the videos above, and refer to the MHS Minimum BIM Requirements.